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It's been awhile!

It has been busy around here and a while since we've provided any updates. We did say we wouldn't spam you, so there's that, lol.


One Year Trekkerversary!


What's new around here you might ask? Well for starters, we have made it to our one year Trekkerversary!! Finding new and interesting ways to grow and engage, while keeping you connected to the outdoors and experiencing grand adventures with reliable ultralight gear is our passion We are so appreciative of each and every one of you for helping us reach this milestone. It's completely wild to us that this dream is growing and taking great form!
Second, if you haven't already seen our new online store is open at We felt it was time to get something going outside of Etsy. It has been a great platform to get us going and we will continue to operate the shop there for a while, but are excited to have a standalone shop all our own! It means a lot to us to be able to represent our brand story for all to see in a better way. Thanks for helping us get there. A celebration sale will be coming soon!!

We are heading out soon for a quick trip to the Colorado backcountry and getting super pumped to be in mountains on another, albeit short, gear testing trip. In gearing up for that trip, we worked on a design for youth size pack for our son and will be seeing how well it functions. We'll let you know for sure where we land on that. Hopefully, we can get a final design nailed down by the beginning of next year and will possibly add youth and adult packs.

The fanny pack designs are coming along and we have a shape we finally like, only after about 5, 6, or was it 10 prototypes? We just need to add pockets to it now, so be on the look out for a fanny pack announcement coming soon. All sorts of goodness is being planned around here!

Last but definitely not least, Trekker Joe's Gift Cards have arrived. Know a hiker, camper, or outdoors enthusiast that needs some ultralight gear but not sure what to get them? It gives us great pleasure to present our new gift cards available in the shop, just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Cards are available in digital form from $10 - $100. Grab one now for your favorite adventurer!


Trekker Joe's Gift Cards available now!



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