Field Testing in Yellowstone - July 2021

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Yellowstone field testing

This past week we had the great pleasure of taking some of our gear designs out for a field test in Yellowstone National Park. It was a great success! These designs are getting finalized and will be available as soon as our shop opens up this summer. 


Featured Gear

June 15

Water Bottle Holder

Staying hydrated in the backcountry is critical! our water bottle holder for your backpack shoulder strap keeps a water bottle easily accessible so you never have to fumble around behind your back for a drink.


June 16 

Ultralight Wallets

Need a place to keep cards, money, and keys? Try out our ultralight wallets. Made from a variety of materials for you to choose from, including zipper options.


June 17

Bear Bag Kit

Our bear bag kit performed very well in overnight tests in the Yellowstone backcountry. All handcrafted, it is made of 2.92oz/yd dyneema holding roughly 4-6 days worth of food. The kit comes with a rock sack and bear toggle. 


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