August is bringing good things...

Our shop opening was better than we could have expected! We de{nitely hit
some snags in the last couple of weeks of being open. It's been a great ride so
far, aside from a few USPS struggles, ugh...
We've been working on getting our logo {nished up with the designer, and
can't wait to share that with everyone when it's complete. We'll be creating
some awesome swag with the logo, stickers at {rst with hats are on the
We are getting super pumped to run a giveaway soon on Instagram/Facebook
so keep an eye out for a chance to win some cool swag!
New designs and fabric choices are coming to the shop in the next month or
two, and with Labor Day coming up expect a holiday sale.
On the conservation side, our 1% give back initiative chat with the Great
Springs project in central Texas went well, and we'll be donating in $50
increments. They were very enthusiastic about this idea and grateful for the
incoming donations. The GSP is a really great project working to conserve the
natural springs around central Texas as population growth is exponentially
expanding. To top it all off, a 100 mile trail is going to be built from the state
capital to the Alamo in San Antonio, how cool is that? We are really grateful to
be helping this project along. To help send a portion of every purchase back to
this project, grab some cool gear today.



Sustainability efforts
Compostable Mailers

Part of our brand concept is giving
back and reducing our footprint as
much as possible. In that vein, we
have chosen to utilize 100%
compostable mailers to promote
social responsibility. The mailers will
break down in a home or commercial
compost in 3-6 months, or 15-18
months in landfills

New color/pattern coming
Himalaya Hexcam

Himalaya (pink) is a new color pattern
we picked up from our supplier and
plan to begin creating with this
color/pattern. Keep an eye out for this
to hit the shop soon!


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